Our Values

Once Upon an Artisan (OUAA) is a passion project that was born in my home country Peru in 2015. I wanted to share my passion for textiles and to deepen my relationship with my clothing, the makers and fibres behind them. It is also a creative outlet where I can dream, design, style and photograph.

The mission has always been to offer quality sustainable knitwear, hand-crafted by artisans from Peru using premium natural fibres.

OUAA encourages a deep connection between individuals and their clothing, inviting people to explore the stories behind each piece. By understanding the impacts of our clothing (as well as other products that we consume) we can make more conscious choices, buying less, choosing wisely.

This project continues to evolve and grow while unwavering in its commitment to its core values.

~Kari Dávila
OUAA Founder

premium natural fibres

Since our establishment in 2015, we've been dedicated to sourcing the highest-quality alpaca fibre, endemic to the Andean region and renowned as one of the most sustainable fibres in the world.

More recently, we have expanded our offerings to include pieces crafted from
organic-certified Peruvian cotton and Andean highland wool.

Our dedication to exceptional materials and sustainability remains at the core of our mission. To uphold this commitment, we prioritize traceable materials and exclusively partner with suppliers who share our values.

Craftsmanship preservation

OUAA is committed to preserving traditional textile-making techniques, such as
hand-knitting and the operation of artisan-operated hand-flat looms, to craft unique and timeless pieces.

Since the project's inception, we have collaborated with Peruvian artisans and knitters from various regions across the country.

Our small-scale production is skilfully hand-crafted by a diverse group of female knitters in Lima (OUAA's founder hometown) whom we have been working for almost a decade.

Adhering to fair trade principles, we ensure our artisans partners receive fair and prompt compensation, avoiding arbitrary pricing.

Connection to nature

Each of our piece narrates a story. We would love you to connect with your knitwear through the tale woven into the fibres and the craftsmanship.

We believe that the more we connect with our clothes, materials, and food, the more we understand their natural origins and the limits of our resources.

This connection deepens our bond with nature, which is our source of creativity.
Nature is our home, where we find happiness and wisdom.

Simple beauty

Our aesthetic is unpretentious, simple, and focused on the inherent beauty of natural fibers and undyed colors.

Simple beauty reveals in the ordinary aspects of daily life.
Much like your knits, which may bear imperfections from being crafted by skilled yet human hands.

We hope you find beauty in the pieces we create, experiencing it through touch and feeling the softness of the raw materials.


We are committed to design knitwear for everyone.
Embracing all genders, ages and sizes.

We have extended our range of sizing, included timeless silhouettes and gender neutral pieces.

If you don't find your size within our offer, we are more than welcome to knit a piece just for you. Please get in touch.

Founder's story

Kari, is a Peruvian with a strong love for her culture, nature and textiles. She strives to live a slow and meaningful life.
She is a birdwatcher, photographer, crafter, keen ceramist and used to be an outdoors guide and educator. Currently living in a small coastal town in Tasmania where the ocean and rivers meet, where she has rekindled her passion for surfing.

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