AW ‘23 collection evokes nostalgia and a sense of belonging.

Far from home in a foreign land, I am drawn between two worlds.
The wisdom of my elders and the scents and textures of the Andes mountains flow over the pacific ocean to my home on distant shores.
In this beautiful home, I hear the songs of birds I know, the aromas of the gum trees, the roar and roll of the sea. But also the smiles and g’days from familiar faces and friends. Belonging through genuine connections that link us to people and places. Between these worlds, belonging is a theme that I am drawn to.

We are all different, we sound different and look different.
Belonging takes us beyond our differences and weaves us together into the fabric of communities. Belonging allows us the safety to be authentic, true to ourselves and the world around us.

I endeavour to weave the threads of my life into once upon an artisan and bring them to you, so you may learn and appreciate my sense of belonging.
What is yours?



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